FID – Fresh Interior Decor

The construction industry in modern world nowadays is always asking for puritanical standard requirements. In that context, FID – High-level interior construction with solid experience and knowledge has been kept going forward to improve the quality day by day, to also meet all demands in the market. Every potential space starts at the design outline, but if papers just need the eyes, reality spaces need senses – to feel, to enjoy and to live in. We define and enhance the value of each living space project that we do by both making the potential space at the design outline perfect to look at and using senses to imagine how we feel, enjoy and live in the reality spaces.

“God is in the detail” – that famous sentence is the measure to evaluate any successful construction. The success of construction includes satisfaction from clients, in other way is the perfection in any details which be meticulously cared by FID’s management and construction team. Our customers have high knowledge and lifestyle, they have the strictest requirements, the challenge for the progress, management in process, and quality of service. So this is the reason that the working attitude at FID always be set at the highest level.

FID has own strength to realize all the potential projects with professional quality. We chose the premium segment in the genre project as our direction like hotels, resorts, housing, offices, showrooms and other special projects. The most luxurious, high-level building segments are no longer the target to pursue. It became the quality threshold that FID is still day on the application to current projects – meeting customers’ expectations of the value in each building factor.